LG Magna’s e-powertrain receives cybersecurity certification

SEOUL, Mar. 25, 2024 — LG Magna e-Powertrain (LG Magna), the joint venture of LG Electronics (LG) and Magna International (Magna) announced that it has received Cyber Security Management System (CSMS, ISO/SAE 21434:2021) certification from TÜV Rheinland. The certification indicates LG Magna is in full compliance with relevant vehicle cybersecurity regulations and requirements and has implemented a comprehensive security system covering component design, development, post-development cybersecurity activity and management.
An area of growing importance, automotive cybersecurity is set to take center stage in the mobility sector when WP.29 UNECE R155 cybersecurity regulations come into effect. From July 2024, all vehicles produced by automotive OEMs must meet the newly established suite of cybersecurity management regulation to obtain type approval, which is a prerequisite for selling vehicles in 56 countries, including EU member states, the UK, Japan and South Korea.
Countries that have adopted the regulation require automakers to prepare all components and systems for cybersecurity threats. This preparation must extend throughout the entirety of their vehicles’ lifecycles. ISO/SAE 21434 is an international standard related to vehicle cybersecurity.It defines the processes for establishing and maintaining cybersecurity. Moreover, this extends from the planning and development stage through to vehicle manufacturing, maintenance, and disposal.
LG Magna is setting up a robust cybersecurity framework. This is to ensure it can meet the increasing demand from global automakers for advanced, highly secure vehicle components. The company has developed an exhaustive cybersecurity process that it applies and systematically updates across the life of each product. Moreover, the process includes identifying and assessing product security threats. It also involves developing appropriate response strategies in line with ISO/SAE 21434 requirements. Additionally, risk monitoring systems and processes for swift issue remediation have been put in place.
A respected innovation partner, LG continues to expand its presence in the global automotive components and solution market. The Vehicle Component Solutions (VS) Company earns acknowledgment for its capabilities in in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems. LG Magna boasts strength in electric vehicle powertrains, while ZKW is a leader in advanced vehicle lighting systems. Established in 2021, LG Magna has further solidified its position as a trusted vehicle components supplier by securing CSMS certification.
“With vehicle cyberattacks on the rise, the demand from automakers for component solutions that ensure robust cybersecurity is growing at a rapid pace,” said LG Magna CEO Cheong Won-suk. “As a major global vehicle parts supplier, LG Magna aims to proactively address any security vulnerabilities. It continuously strengthens its systems and processes.”

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