LeddarVision Premium Surround released

LeddarTech® announced on 27th March’23 its third product launch since December with the LeddarVision™ Surround (LVS-2+). This product is a comprehensive fusion and perception software stack to support premium surround-view L2/L2+ ADAS highway assistance and 5-star NCAP 2025/GSR 2022 safety applications.

LeddarVision Surround (LVS-2+) is the latest low-level sensor fusion and perception product built on LeddarTech’s award-winning LeddarVision software. The LVS-2+expands the company’s current product offering of the LeddarVision Front-Entry LVF-E and Front-High LVF-H. These products target entry- to premium-level ADAS applications.

The LVS-2+ efficiently extends the LVF front-view product family from a one-camera plus two to five-radar (1V2R-1V5R) sensor configuration to a five-camera plus five-radar (5V5R) configuration. This enhanced configuration supports ADAS functions such as traffic jam and highway assist applications, enabling automated lane changes, overtaking and extended speed range adaptive cruise control.

High-Performance and Cost-Effective

  • LeddarVision’s low-level fusion (LLF) technology pushes the performance envelope, extending the effective range of the sensors.
  • Low-level fusion optimally combines camera and radar modalities, achieving a high-performance system with reduced requirements per modality at a lower total sensing cost.
  • Superior accuracy in object separation and longitudinal position measurement on highways enables higher-performing adaptive cruise control implementation.
  • L2/L2+ highway assist, including adaptive cruise control up to 160 km/h, lane centering control, active lane change assist, traffic jam assist and highway assist (including auto-lane change support).


  • LVS-2+ addresses 5-star NCAP 2025/GSR 2022 safety applications.
  • Includes a built-in redundancy feature to accommodate sensor failures, degradations and conflicts.
  • LVS-2+ supports global scene attributes detection for operational design domain (ODD) analysis, sensor coverage and health monitoring features.

Flexible and Scalable

  • A comprehensive surround-view fusion and perception software platform that supports entry-level to premium ADAS highway assist Level 2/2+ applications.

Samples available: Contact LeddarTech for “A” samples of the LVS-2+ and “A” samples of the LVF-E and LVF-H products. LVS-2+ “B” sample availability is planned for late Q3 2023.

“LeddarTech is committed to supporting automotive Tier 1-2 suppliers and OEMs with software solutions and products that support enhanced safety features and lower overall development costs,” stated the company’s CEO, Charles Boulanger. “In December, we released our LVF products for entry-level to premium ADAS safety and highway assistance L2/L2+ applications, and in keeping with our commitment to continual product development, our newest product LeddarVision Surround (LVS-2+) further increases our software offering to our customers, with products that solve more safety issues with a scalable low-level fusion and perception software stack that offers higher performance at a lower cost,” Mr. Boulanger concluded.

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