Trimble add industry specific dwell time in its fleet management tool

Trimble announced on 31st March 2023, that its Trimble Fleet Manager will now offer industry-specific average dwell time metrics. This data will empower fleet manager to make better planning decisions, improve service level agreement (SLA) adherence and utilize their assets and drivers more efficiently.

Powered by the Trimble Transportation Cloud, Trimble’s Connected Locations workflow makes this dwell time data directly available within Trimble Fleet Manager, providing driver managers access to actionable information to more effectively manage trips and plan arrival times for their drivers.

“This Connected Locations integration with Trimble Fleet Manager significantly enhances our customers’ ability to manage their fleets,” said Ron Bisio, senior vice president, Trimble. “Fleets can’t get this level of precise commercial location data anywhere else, and by leveraging the Trimble Transportation Cloud, we’re helping solve challenges around inefficient delivery, scheduling and driver utilization.”

Prior to Trimble’s development of Connected Locations, there has not been a source capable of providing industry average dwell time metrics using precise polygonal geofences for pick-up and drop-off locations. This can result in drivers experiencing unexpected delays while waiting to be loaded or unloaded. By combining anonymized live and historical GPS data streams with its millions of geofenced locations, Trimble is bridging the gap to address this disconnect between fleets and their customers, providing transparency around facility dwell times.

In January 2023, Trimble’s Engage Lane launched a similar Connected Locations integration, becoming the first freight procurement solution to provide transparency into industry average dwell time metrics within a bid workflow. The integration of dwell time metrics into Trimble Fleet Manager expands the use for Connected Locations, providing a new solution to the industry’s previous lack of dwell time standards and further strengthens Trimble’s position as a leading provider of transportation industry data.

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