Autonomous Vehicle

Low earth satellite based navigation assistance for autonomous vehicles

NOVELSAT and Guident are partnering together to develop an innovative, always-on, ubiquitous remote monitor and control solution for autonomous vehicles and devices.

The solution combines space communications and augmented intelligence technologies to ensure optimal safety and security for autonomous vehicles and devices, enabling remote monitoring and operation at any time and place. This integration of NOVELSAT’s satellite-based space connectivity technologies and Guident’s human-in-the-loop AI technologies will provide reliable and high-speed bi-directional connectivity. This connectivity enables continuous, high-quality video streaming to monitor autonomous vehicles remotely and, when necessary, to allow remote control of the vehicles to resolve various edge cases.

Additionally, the connectivity will provide real-time audio and video communication with passengers, pedestrians, or first responders, ensuring the highest level of safety for autonomous systems, which is a crucial factor in the deployment and management of such systems.

The cooperation between the companies opens the door for new markets and revenue opportunities by offering a new level of autonomous systems safety for a wide range of applications: transportation, delivery, agriculture, hospitality, mining, logistics, and more.

“NOVELSAT is excited to partner with Guident to bring the highest level of safety to autonomous systems,” said Gary Drutin, CEO of NOVELSAT. “Our space-based connectivity solutions will ensure the always-on, high-capacity connectivity that is essential for the safe deployment and operation of autonomous vehicles and devices in diverse environments. We believe this partnership will enable us to lead the way in providing innovative connectivity solutions that meet the needs of the autonomous systems industry.”

“Guident is thrilled to work with NOVELSAT to create an exceptional remote monitor and control solution for autonomous vehicles and devices,” said Harald Braun, Chairman and CEO of Guident. “Leveraging cross-network connectivity, our Remote Monitor and Control Center (RMCC) will enable always-on remote monitoring and controlling of autonomous vehicles and devices, thereby resolving unforeseen situations and providing unparalleled safety and reliability in various applications. This integration of cutting-edge technologies is a game-changer, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this technological breakthrough.”

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