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Motiv and EverCharge team up to optimize fleet charging

Motiv Power Systems and EverCharge announced a nationwide reseller agreement to incorporate EverCharge charging stations and smart-charging power optimization solutions into the suite of Motiv Energy solutions for commercial EV fleets. Motiv will offer customers the option to bundle chargers with EVs and serve as primary support for fleet operators using the combination of Motiv EVs, Motiv Energy charging (by EverCharge), and SmartPower load management, tailored to work seamlessly with Motiv vehicles.

Both companies are committed to providing customer fleet depots with diverse and flexible power infrastructure to achieve their EV goals and commercial business requirements.  “The goal is to help customers build a charging infrastructure where fleets can make use of every minute of available non-peak energy without raising the peak demand of each facility.  EverCharge brings deep expertise in large-scale load management to Motiv’s fleet customers,” said Tim Krauskopf, CEO, Motiv. “Their SmartPower management technology has the potential to save commercial fleets hundreds of thousands of dollars over alternative methods and ensure every truck in the fleet is fully charged for work each morning.”

Motiv Energy Solutions provides tailored charging infrastructure and deployment solutions designed to support customers’ fleet profiles, business goals and scalability requirements. Motiv Energy’s QuickStart program is a product designed to enable rapid deployment of initial EV fleets or smaller locations.

“We are excited to bring EverCharge’s unique technology, load optimization and smart charging benefits to our customers as they expand their fleets,” said Gary Schmidt, SVP of Sales. “Enabling faster and more efficient electricity infrastructure options helps Motiv deliver on our mission of freeing fleets from fossil fuels and drive into a sustainable future.”

An expanded set of joint products is planned. Motiv will use real-time data from onboard truck telematics and load management software from the charging stations to tailor charging packages for various fleet usage needs. The goal is to provide customers a variety of pricing and optimization options based on factors including fleet profiles, geography, routing requirements, cost, facility loads and deployment approach.

“At EverCharge we seek to create the best possible end-user experience,” said Jason Appelbaum, CEO, EverCharge. “Expanding integration between the vehicle manufacturer and charging enables significant optimizations for customers. Our partnership will allow Motiv to work closer with their customers to reduce costs through data-driven decision-making.”

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