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Motorq teams up with Mercedes-Benz for fleet analytics revolution

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Motorq announced its collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services. This collaboration provides Motorq customers with innovative data solutions for fleets, changing the way businesses can optimize their operations and enhance their vehicle performance. By joining forces with Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services, Motorq can further empower fleets with cutting-edge insights. These insights cover areas such as driver safety, vehicle health, electrification strategies, and beyond.

“We’re developing a higher caliber of analytics for fleets of all sizes,” said Arun Rajagopalan, CEO and Co-Founder of Motorq. “By directly plugging Mercedes-Benz vehicle data into Motorq’s multi-layered vehicle insights, we can create state-of-the-art access to vehicle information. Our mission is to offer the highest quality data to our customers worldwide, and that starts with collecting vehicle behavior straight from the vehicle manufacturers themselves.”

Fleet operators can now leverage extremely fast, high quality Mercedes-Benz vehicle data through Motorq’s connected vehicle portal. This provides every fleet management company and business with Motorq’s data insights. It offers them a more panoramic view of their fleet operations. Moreover, it’s advanced API enables seamless integration of Motorq’s analytics with Mercedes-Benz vehicle data, all without requiring hardware. This amplifies the impact of the Motorq platform, better serving all Mercedes-Benz fleets.

This prioritization of connected vehicle data wouldn’t be possible without a careful focus on data security and compliance. Furthermore, it’s a standard upheld by both partners throughout the entire integration process. Additionally, access to this vehicle data starts with strict consent practices, thereby protecting every driver and party involved.

These vehicle insights also emphasize a strong commitment to the path of electrification. Motorq accelerates data-driven adoption and the integration of EVs in fleets, spanning to advanced analytics through Mercedes-Benz’s growing electric vehicle portfolio. Businesses will have the power to make informed decisions regarding EV charging, sustainability, battery health, and customized reimbursement programs for drivers.

Unlocking a fleet’s full potential starts with harnessing real-time data. Moreover, Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services’ strong dedication to secure vehicle insights paired with Motorq’s focus on solving paramount challenges for fleets opens doors for anyone demanding more from their vehicle analytics.

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