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NissanConnect gets Stolen Vehicle Tracking

Date: February 16, 2024. Nissan launched its Stolen Vehicle Tracking (SVT) feature for compatible vehicles under the NissanConnect Services app recently. It was first introduced in the United Kingdom and is currently available on specific models such as the ARIYA, Qashqai, and X-Trail.

According to the company, NissanConnect will be available for select models in India, South Africa, and the Middle East starting from 2024.

NissanConnect Services app offers a range of features to enhance the driving experience and connectivity of Nissan customers. The app allows customers to remotely control their vehicle, such as locking and unlocking doors, honking the horn, flashing the lights, and checking the battery status. The app also provides information on the vehicle’s health, driving history, maintenance, and eco score. Moreover, the app supports Android and iOS devices and users can download it from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

The SVT service is provided in collaboration with Vodafone Automotive, Nissan’s service provider. The service works by connecting the vehicle to a remote server that monitors its location using a GPS sensor. If the vehicle is stolen, the customer can report it to the Vodafone Automotive call centre. The call centre will then work with the local law enforcement authorities to track the vehicle and coordinate its recovery. If requested by the authorities, the Vodafone operator can also remotely deactivate the ignition of the vehicle to facilitate its recovery.

Customers can check whether their vehicle has the SVT service. They can do this by going to the “Nissan Store” section of the NissanConnect Services app. If their car is compatible, they will be able to activate the subscription at a cost of £99. This ensures 12 months of enhanced security.

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