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Parkopedia powers new BMW in-vehicle parking payments feature

BMW has introduced a new parking payments feature, which uses Parkopedia‘s in-vehicle Payment Platform to enable drivers to pay without leaving their car. 

The new feature is activated by Over-the-Air (OTA) upgrade in Germany and Austria, without requiring any action from drivers. Once the driver chooses a parking location through the new feature, Parkopedia’s payment platform interacts with the payable location and vehicle sensors, resulting in the car automatically displaying the payment function. In parking locations where billing is done by the minute, the transaction again automatically ends when the vehicle leaves the parking location. 

Drivers must sign in only once to the BMW Parking Payment, either with their BMW ConnectedDrive account or BMW ID, activating the Park Payments service. Single Sign-On (SSO) technology offered by Parkopedia allows drivers to save their payment methods and eliminates the need for authentication at the point of purchase. 

Parking zone geofences 

Parkopedia’s technology also allows the creation of geofences, alerting drivers or enabling automated payment requests in a specified area or payment zone. This ability eliminates the need for mobile apps and parking payment machines. 

BMW plans to gradually expand the new payment service to other European countries from 2023 after improving the service following customer feedback. Parkopedia offers connected car services in 90 countries worldwide, including payment services and developing detailed parking maps.

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