Vehicle Telematics

RapidDeploy platform to deliver vehicle crash telematics collected by Bosch Service Solutions

RapidDeploy announced a long-term strategic agreement to deliver vehicle crash telematics data collected by Bosch Service Solutions via the RapidDeploy platform to public safety emergency services.

Bosch Service Solutions provides private emergency call support services (eCall) to more than ten car manufacturers globally through 26 service centers worldwide. The center of Bosch Service Solutions’ mobility services is a mobility platform that is connected to millions of vehicles. In 2020, Bosch Service Solutions processed 1.7 million eCalls.

The RapidDeploy Radius 9-1-1 Tactical Call Taker Map and Nimbus Cloud Aided Dispatch solutions will receive and display lifesaving vehicle telematics data to Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) enabling telecommunicators and dispatchers to reduce response times and increase the situational awareness of first responders. Vehicle crash telematics data transmitted to PSAPs by RapidDeploy may include GPS coordinates, the direction of impact, crash severity index, car model, and color along with the number of vehicle passengers. 

“When there is an accident, our 9-1-1 customers often receive several calls about the same incident with bystander reports on the severity. RapidDeploy’s ability to display highly relevant vehicle source data that includes the number of passengers and crash severity index speeds up the work to determine what emergency resources are required. We are thrilled to bring this life-saving data to public safety with Bosch for its customers,” said Steve Raucher, Co-Founder and CEO of RapidDeploy.

The RapidDeploy patented interface with a 9-1-1 center’s telephony system automatically displays an intuitive map-based call taker interface, with rich supplemental data, pertaining to the specific call being handled. 

“We combine a global and multilingual network, personalized service, and state-of-the-art technology with proven Bosch quality,” said Paulo Maia, managing director Bosch Service Solutions North America & Costa Rica. “By collaborating with RapidDeploy, we continue to increase the value of our service to our automotive clients and in parallel, maximize the comfort and security of any occupant in a vehicle connected to Bosch Service Solutions.” 

The RapidDeploy cloud-based solution is democratizing the cost of public safety and is committed to enabling the integration of valuable lifesaving data such as that provided by Bosch Service Solutions.

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