Taabi launches Control Tower to optimise fleet and logistics

Date: December 26, 2023.Taabi Mobility, a subsidiary of RPG Group, has launched a new solution called Control Tower, which aims to optimize fleet and logistics operations across various industries, such as mining, construction, telecom, and logistics. The solution integrates IoT, ADAS, and Video Telematics technologies to provide real-time data and insights on fleet performance, fuel consumption, vehicle health, driver behavior, and customer satisfaction.

The Control Tower solution claims to offer several benefits to fleet operators, such as increased uptime, reduced costs, improved compliance, and enhanced customer service. According to Pali Tripathi, the CEO of Taabi Mobility, the solution can help businesses achieve an incremental revenue of Rs 5-10 crore by increasing vehicle uptime and reducing delivery times. He also said that the solution is platform and industry agnostic, and can work seamlessly across OEMs and vehicle models.

The Control Tower solution has already onboarded around 150 customers, and has saved over 45,000 litres of fuel, while improving vehicle uptime worth over 60,000km. The solution features a user-friendly dashboard that gives access to various functionalities, such as real-time monitoring, predictive analytics, route optimization, maintenance management, compliance management, and customer satisfaction management. The solution also employs a dedicated 24×7 control room with experts on uptime, conflict resolution, and issue closure.

Taabi Mobility is a pioneer in AI and IoT-powered logistics management technology, with a purpose to improve the transportation sector through creative and sustainable solutions. The company is part of the RPG Group, which has interests in a variety of industries, including tires, infrastructure, information technology, and medicines.

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