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TCS launches Autoscape™ solution suite

Tata Consultancy Services’ Solution Suite to Help Global Automotive Players Innovate and Create New Services and Pursue New Business Models

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has launched the Autoscape™  solution suite to enable connected and autonomous vehicle ecosystem players, such as automotive OEMs, suppliers, fleet owners, and start-ups, to pursue new business models, launch new services quickly and deliver differentiated experiences and value to end-customers.

The Autoscape Autonomous Vehicle (AV) solution suite covers the whole end-to-end AV development value chain and consists of AV Data Services, a Data Annotation Studio and AV validation services. Through AV Data Services, TCS offers comprehensive compute infrastructure architecture, a data management solution, AI workbench, and toolkits to accelerate AV development. TCS SIMPLE is a simulation-led autonomous vehicle validation platform that is coverage-driven and generates AI-enhanced scenarios and test cases, particularly focusing on identifying test cases which will cause a failure – the edge cases.

The Autoscape Connected Vehicle solution suite consists of Vehicle in the Cloud, Connected Vehicle Experience, Connected Insights, and a Data Monetization Toolkit. Vehicle in the Cloud provides the foundational capabilities required to manage a connected vehicle, and its digital twin in the cloud. The Connected Vehicle Experience solution, built on top of the Azure-based Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform, enables personalized customer experiences inside and outside the vehicle during a scalable and secure manner. 

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