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The first-ever Turkey's Smart Car Platform revealed for Volvo and Subaru

Published: July 15, 2014

The value-added services associated with connected cars are getting popular amongst users and the tech-titans across the globe are investing a huge chunk of money in it, hoping for the best. However, we have always seen some regional differences in terms of the demands arising from the customers for connected car services. While the European and North American market are more sensitized, more promising and certainly more acquainted with these technologies; the middle east and Asian market seemed to have been untapped.

Not anymore! 
INFOGRAPHIC_Turkcell_Smart_CarThanks to Turkcell, the Turkish leading telecommunication company that has launched its first Smart Car Platform, better known as

  “Akilli Otomobil Platformu”

The platform connects the car and its driver to mobile internet and essential location-based services, enriching the driving experience. It appeals to different segments of the platform for the first time, each with its own target audience with a strong and open to technology brands like Subaru and Volvo. A detailed information can be found on the original weblink ( please excuse Google for poor translation !). Following are some key features of the Turkcell’s Smart car Platform :-

Infotainment System

Turkcell’s infotainment screen is always connected to the internet while allowing drivers to run the internet and also enhances the driving experience. Data collection, data management and reporting-analysis systems are running simalteneaously and the structure of many different features can be implemented on the platform.

All the vehicle related content are relayed via a dedicated GSM network.

Navigation made easy…

Turkcell Smart Car Platform takes cognizance of the traffic conditions arising at different parts of city and notify the drivers. It also suggests  an alternative route  on the screen, the estimated time and other relevent information.

It also helps reducing the parking distress. The system clock based on the display gets information about the nearby parking slots.  A call can then be initiated to check whether there is any available space free for parking or not.
Not only parking lots but it also keeps the driver updated about the nearby gas filling stations, pharmacies, garage etc.

Collaboration with Garanti

Through the Smart Car platform, the nearby Garanti ATM or branch can easily be located on the display and guide the passenger to reach the spot.  The exclusive Garanti Bank application  at the same time can  also provide instant access to current market data and stock rates.

One-touch roadside assistance

In the event of failure or flat tire, the on-screen can be activated by pressing the button roadside assistance center. This also transmits the vehicle’s location, vehicle type, id and many more.

As Turkey’s leading M2M solutions provider, Turkcell already has a strong presence in the smart vehicle market. Turkcell’s tracking products are used in more than 500 thousand, mostly commercial, vehicles, making Turkcell the top operator in Europe in vehicle tracking in one country. Through route and fuel optimization, Turkcell helped Turkish economy save 500 million USD in 2013. Connected Car Platform is Turkcell’s first M2M solution that is geared primarily towards passenger cars. 

This clearly indicates that the connected car is not something far-fetched but is finally becoming a reality. It would not be unrealisitic to assume a ubiquitous adoption of this connectivity paradigm by the leading automakers and solution providers in coming years.

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