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The Fusion Project works to accelerate data management for connected and autonomous vehicles

Airbiquity, Cloudera, NXP, Teraki, and Wind River join forces to create an end-to-end data lifecycle platform for automakers

Airbiquity®, Cloudera, NXP® Semiconductors, Teraki™, and Wind River® announced The Fusion Project, an automotive industry collaboration to define a streamlined data lifecycle platform to advance intelligent connected vehicles. The pre-integrated hardware and software solution combines innovative technologies from leading companies for automakers to efficiently collect, analyze, and manage connected vehicle data for continuous feature development, deployment, and evolution.

The Fusion Project addresses the challenges by pre-integrating technologies from five industry providers into a solution that automakers can easily evaluate and introduce into vehicle design and production cycles for next-generation connected and autonomous vehicles.

The first application for The Fusion Project is specifying a solution for intelligent vehicle lane change detection utilizing synergistic technologies from each company:

  • Airbiquity – Over-the-Air (OTA) Software Management
  • Cloudera – Data Lifecycle Solutions from the Edge to AI
  • NXP – Vehicle Processing Platforms
  • Teraki – Edge Data Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Wind River – Intelligent Systems Platform Software

The solution creates a capable and efficient data lifecycle platform from data ingestion through OTA machine learning model updates without a loss of data fidelity while maximizing system decision accuracy.

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