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ThunderSoft SmartParking enables parking simpler, safer and more efficient

ThunderSoft introduced its advanced parking technologies and solutions, ThunderSoft SmartParking, at CES 2022.

What makes ThunderSoft SmartParking different

ThunderSoft SmartParking leverages cutting-edge ultrasonic and visual algorithms, the advantages of cross-domain HPC (High Performance Computer), outstanding HMI designs, the latest generation ultrasonic sensor – AK2 and HDR surround camera to deliver seamless parking experiences in various scenarios with high efficiency. Besides, its extendible standardize interfaces, flexible deliver forms and completed product roadmap, that covers from AVM(Around View Monitor), APA(Auto Parking Assistant ), RPA(Remote Parking Assistant), HPA(Home Parking Assistant) to AVP (Autonomous Vehicle Parking) can meet diversified demands from clients worldwide, help them shorten time-to-market and reduce development costs.

How ThunderSoft SmartParking works

ThunderSoft SmartParking supports multiple parking scenarios. Taking the vertical vision-only scenario as an example, its advanced around view technologies can identify parking lines and output available parking space, with the success rate reaching up to 98%. Even if the parking lines were blocked by other vehicles, ThunderSoft SmartParking could figure out reasonable parking spaces, thanks to its powerful real-time planning and correction ability, plus superior exploratory decision-making capability, which are based on the unparalleled ultrasonic and visual combined solutions.

Besides, ThunderSoft SmartParking can also realize contactless parking via mobile app, which can help driver out of troubles caused by narrow parking space and enjoy the innovative parking experience.

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