Autonomous Vehicle

Velodyne Lidar announces autonomous driving collaboration with Ford Otosan

Companies working together on autonomous driving development and testing for heavy commercial vehicles

Ford Otosan is testing and planning to use Velodyne Velarray H800 lidar sensors.

The sensor will help Ford Otosan to create superior autonomous driving technology, addressing edge-cases for driving situations, including curvy roads, potholes, intersections, on/off ramps, residential areas, and roadways with unclear lane markings. It delivers high performance during daylight and at night, enabling the detection of vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists and more.

Ford Otosan is already using Velodyne’s Alpha Prime™ lidar sensors, which provide 360-degree surround-view perception technology to support autonomous mobility. The Alpha Prime is specifically made for autonomous driving in complex conditions for travel up to highway speeds. 

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