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Voice Assistance System in Fleet Management

As a fleet manager, wouldn’t it be great if you are able to get insights into your fleet just by talking to your fleet management software? Voice assistants are becoming an essential part of our day to day life, so why not integrate them with our fleet management software?

Nowadays, fleets have been using an innovative and advanced predictive analytics system which helps them to gain key business insights into what causes accidents or driver behaviour turnover. In today’s digital era, combining predictive modelling with voice-assisted technology is a powerful new way to increase fleet efficiencies.

It’s evident that within the few years of span the voice assistance technology has shown remarkable improvement in the telematics field. With the continued development in voice technology, there have been additional benefits to telematics business applications, and such potential impact can be seen in the role of the vehicle drivers.

In the current scenario, if an operator wants to access their vehicle data, they have to go through multiple databases, gather multiple vehicle information and even have to check their trip schedule and to-do list which in turn can be more time consuming and delay in the trip. However, with the help of a voice assistant, drivers will no longer be required to interrupt their on-going trips to collect and analyze GPS Tracking Performance, or any fault in the vehicles. Instead, the voice assistant technology will provide them with the vehicle insights moments, in a faster, easier, and more accurate manner.

During the journey, if any serious problem arises the voice assistance tells the drivers what kind of action can be taken and they need to find a safe solution immediately, or just show them the sign of warning and they can get to their next stop and have someone look at it.

Other future applications like ADAS could involve voice assistants and interact with drivers about the lane deviation, warn or make an announcement of upcoming road obstacles. These technologies could provide verbal instructions, or automatically make contact with fleet authorities if a driver is in danger and calls out for help.

Nowadays, Fuel theft is one of the main concerns for fleet owners. Many times we have heard or some of us have already faced that fuel from their vehicles has been stolen. The voice assistant with the help of GSM and sensors measure the fuel flow rate by measuring the distance of fuel level with respect to time. The sensor gets activated and sends a signal and voice command alerts to the driver and manager when there is a sudden change in fuel flow rate or fuel consumption rate of the vehicle.

How easy our lives have become with voice assistants!

The virtual voice assistant is already changing our lives and this advancement can be soon seen in the fleet industry as well. How? Through a Smart fleet management system with voice recognitionintegration.

Presently, a lot of fleet management solutions service providers have already implemented this into their system making the lives of fleet managers easier. Fleet managers, single-handedly manage a lot of tasks which causes unnecessary communication issues, delays and overall lack of operational efficiency.

Easy Access to fleet data through voice assistant integration

A fleet management system offers a great variety of tools that enables speed management, geofencing, driver management, service management, and much more. By providing quick updates and channeling proper communication, Fleet managers are required to stay up on their toes always. By integrated Amazon Alexa and Google Siri, fleet managers now get access to all the fleet data by simply asking.

Another way to make fleet management smarter is to integrate a chatbots system. Here the communication will be done via text from a computer to the drivers. This takes off the burden of small and mundane tasks from the shoulders of fleet managers. Chatbots and Alexa for vehicles can be customized as per the user requirement.


Tushar Bhagat, Director, Uffizio India Software Pvt Ltd

Published in Telematics Wire

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