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Volvo Buses presents alternative for charging electric buses

On October 21 Volvo Buses demonstrated its range of various solutions for high-efficiency charging at an event in Gothenburg. The Volvo Buses ‘panto up’ solution is based on latest technology from Schunk, featuring such benefits as compact installation and low additional onboard weight. Panto up will be available as an alternative for the Volvo 7900 Electric and Volvo 7900 Electric Articulated in Europe as of autumn 2021.

The Volvo Buses charging alternatives

  • OppCharge, for charging via a charging station-mounted pantograph (panto down) at bus stops or bus depots.
  • Combo2/CSS, for charging via cable at the depot. 
  • Panto up, for charging via a roof-mounted pantograph at bus stops or bus depots. 


  1. Thanks to the novelty introduced by Volvo with Panto up, as early as next year it will be possible to see the new electric buses circulate between the streets and make such an important service sustainable for many cities. For many people, public transport is an efficient solution for getting around the city without having to think about parking or to the safety of their bicycles, but for many of them it is also an ecological choice that will be supported even more thanks to this high-performance innovation from Volvo.

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