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Winbond and Karamba Security provide a comprehensive cybersecurity solution tailored for automotive and other IoT critical needs

Winbond Electronics Corporation and Karamba Security announced unprecedented automotive cybersecurity solutions with their collaborative solution.

Karamba’s XGuard software has already been recognized as a name in the automotive and IoT markets, enabling customers to comply with the new UN R155 regulation, detect and prevent cyber-attacks on the device, without changing R&D and validation processes.

Winbond’s new TrustME® W77Q expands flash memory capacity to 128Mb, while maintaining its hardware root-of-trust and secure, encrypted, data-storage and data-transfer capabilities.

The combined Winbond-Karamba solution takes cybersecurity protection several steps further by maintaining system integrity even if the ECU itself is breached. Thanks to Winbond’s W77Q secure channel, and Karamba’s XGuard whitelist verification and CFI (Control Flow Integrity) validation, users will benefit from out-of-the-box secured OTA updates, without requiring to invest resources in costly OTA secure channels.

The combined solution offers deterministic integrity checks, from development throughout the supply chain, starting from the silicon Fab, through deployment in the customers’ manufacturing plant, to runtime, without requiring customers to change their development or manufacturing processes.

“We are excited to be working with Winbond to provide an out-of-the-box secure memory solution for our automotive and IoT customers,” said Assaf Harel, Karamba’s Chief Scientist and Co-Founder. “The Winbond W77Q Secure Memory adds an additional layer of security to the Karamba’s XGuard”, he added, “enabling secure Over-The-Air update, allowing automotive customers to meet the UN R155 & R156 and the ISO21434 new security regulations—now mandated by many of our customers—without having to make costly changes to R&D or supply chain processes.”

“The world is rapidly accelerating towards connected cars, accentuating the importance of safety and security at every level. Together with Karamba Security, we provide a complete secured environment for customer applications that meet the strict automotive safety and security certifications required by the industry, including AEC-Q100, ISO26262 and ISO21434” said Ilia Stolov, Technology Head of Winbond Secure Flash. “Karamba is a great example of the collaborations we are seeking with leading application providers concerned with making our world safer”, he added.

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