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Zubie launches improved user experience for business, rental, and loaner fleet applications

Zubie, a leading connected-car platform, and telematics software provider, launched an upgraded user interface and user experience for its Fleet Connect and Rental Connect software solutions, which serve business, rental, and loaner fleets. The updates deliver centralized insights, enhanced usability, and improved speed, and set Zubie up to quickly integrate functionality previously unavailable in the fleet management software space.

Key site updates include a “Vehicle Overview” page that summarizes critical information in a single, customizable dashboard, an improved map experience, and a view of vehicle trips that’s easier to navigate. In addition to an improved product experience, customers will experience a faster, more responsive site. While improvements in app performance help across the board, enhancements in site speed are particularly beneficial for larger fleets. Frequent activities like mapping the location of hundreds of vehicles in real-time or examining detailed information about long trips are up to 3x faster. These improvements demonstrate a necessary upgrade as Zubie continues to increase its market share in rental cars and dealer loaner fleets.

“The idea of ‘simple’ is a part of every conversation we have at Zubie, and our new user experience is no exception,” said Zubie CEO Gary Tucker. “An enhanced user interface, combined with our focus on aggressively adding integration partners gives fleet managers easier access to their vehicles insights in more places than any other telematics software provider.”

With thousands of users across different ages and levels of sophistication, the Zubie technology team’s goal was to make the experience simpler while ramping up the analytical sophistication for power users. The new user experience is intuitive but retains the robust analytical power without being overwhelming, presenting business insights so fleet managers can make good business decisions.

“We’ve introduced a user experience that helps help both our small business fleet customers and well as our larger partners like Nationwide Insurance,” said Chad Caswell, Zubie’s Chief Technology Officer. “Our goal was to take a lot of detailed information and robust capabilities and make them simpler for fleet managers to access, understand, and to take action on the insights Zubie provides.”

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