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Autonomous Shuttles in Japanese City of Sakai from April

NAVYA, a French autonomous driving systems company, SB Drive, a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp dedicated to autonomous mobility, and Macnica, a Japanese electronics and digital solutions group, have entered into a tripartite partnership to bring to the city of Sakai, Navya Autonom Shuttle.

The Shuttles will operational for the first time in Japan from April 2020. The city of Sakai SB Drive’s Fleet Management System called “Dispatcher” to simultaneously and remotely monitor the operation of several self-driving vehicles. The autonomous shuttles will begin to be operated by Macnica on routes that connect medical facilities, post offices, schools and the city’s banks.

This new autonomous mobility service is a response to the societal challenges facing the city of Sakai, and Japan in general that has created a need for new forms of mobility. In face of an ageing population and a shortage of bus and taxi drivers the companies aim to revitalize the region and industry, and improve the daily lives of residents through a new mobility service.

Source: Press Release

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