Connected Vehicle

Baidu Apollo to build a pilot zone for connected vehicle

Apollo, Baidu’s open-source software platform for autonomous car development, signed an agreement with Guangzhou Development District to build a pilot zone for ICV (intelligent-connected vehicle) development, and introduced two partners for its smart transportation ecosystem.

In the newly-formed collaboration, Baidu and local authorities will make joint efforts to build vehicle-infrastructure cooperative road network, and the facilities of intelligent control, smart automobile connectivity as well as smart parking. To establish a system for ICV industry’s sustainable development, the Apollo-powered bases focusing on ICV ecosystem construction and autonomous car operation will be launched in the district.

Baidu Apollo also engaged agreements with Haylion Technologies (Haylion Technologies) and Tiamaes. Both of them will expand and launch the future intelligent public transportation solutions available for urban open roads based on Baidu’s “ACE (autonomous driving, connected road, and efficient mobility) Traffic Engine” and Apollo’s leading AI, autonomous driving and vehicle-road infrastructure collaboration.



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