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Bosch & Microsoft collaborate on generative AI

Bosch and Microsoft have teamed up to develop advanced artificial intelligence (AI) systems for cars. The collaboration aims to enhance the safety, comfort, and connectivity features in vehicles. Bosch will leverage its expertise in automotive hardware and software, while Microsoft will bring its AI and cloud computing capabilities to the partnership.

It’s a scenario that no driver ever wants to see: a ball rolling out into the road. The chances are it will be followed immediately by a child in hot pursuit, oblivious to any traffic. But while human drivers can assess this situation using their contextual knowledge, today’s assisted and automated driving systems still have to learn how to do it. Bosch is pursuing the use of generative AI in terms to further improve automated driving functions. As part of this, Bosch and Microsoft are exploring opportunities to collaborate and leverage the power of generative AI.

“Bosch is working on bringing a new dimension of AI applications into the vehicle,” said Dr. Stefan Hartung, chairman of the Bosch board of management, at this year’s Bosch Connected World (BCW) AIoT industry conference in Berlin. The expectation is that generative AI will enable vehicles to assess situations and react accordingly, and in this way keep road users even safer. Greater safety on the roads is also the wish of 60 percent of respondents to this year’s Bosch Tech Compass, a worldwide representative it survey on the subjects of technology and AI.

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