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Businesses help mitigate risk and improve driver safety with Verizon Connect integrated video for fleet

To help mobile businesses gain additional visibility into the safety of their drivers on the road, Verizon Connect has launched an extension of its Integrated Video for Reveal product for fleet-based customers, Integrated Video for Fleet to help improve safety, mitigate risk, and improve driver behavior. 

Integrated Video uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help businesses improve driver behavior and understand the details of specific driving events. The smart dash-cam solution intelligently captures and automatically classifies harsh driving events in near-real-time, providing video analysis that can be used to help keep drivers safe on the road, protect them against false claims in the event of an incident, and coach and reward drivers.

“Integrated Video provides businesses with increased visibility and context enabling them to protect the bottom line, and leverage video footage to reward and educate drivers for good driving behavior,” said Kevin Aries, head of global product success at Verizon Connect. “The user experience and video classifications are continuously improving, helping businesses make more informed decisions that can lead to improved safety, productivity and efficiency within their fleet of vehicles.” 

Additional features include Speed Overlay, which enables operations managers to easily view the speed of the vehicle directly within the video clip to determine if speed is a factor that caused the event, and Video on Demand, which allows operations managers to request video clips of available footage directly from the dashcam. 

Press Release

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