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CATL launches TENER: Zero-degradation energy storage system

CATL, a Chinese company leading the way in electric vehicle batteries and energy storage systems, known for innovation and long-lasting products, introduced TENER, a mass-producible energy storage system with zero degradation in the first five years of use in Beijing, China. With all-round safety, a five-year zero degradation feature, and a robust 6.25 MWh capacity, TENER aims to facilitate the adoption of new energy storage technologies and the advancement of the sector’s quality. This new technology is designed to provide long-term stability and reliability for energy storage applications, making it a promising solution for renewable energy integration and grid balancing.

Mass-producible 5-year Zero Degradation System

While preventing the degradation of capacity over the first five years of use is a significant advancement in increasing the lifespan of batteries, the zero degradation of power is also important for energy storage power plants aiming to meet the requirements of new electric power systems. TENER has cleared roadblocks for the movement of lithium ions and achieved zero degradation for both power and capacity. Leveraging biomimetic SEI (solid electrolyte interphase) and self-assembled electrolyte technologies, they ensure zero growth of auxiliary power consumption throughout full life cycle. Moreover, this results in the creation of an “ageless” energy storage system.

CATL has resolved the challenges caused by highly active lithium metals in zero-degradation batteries. This effectively helps prevent thermal runaway caused by oxidation reaction, powered by cutting-edge technologies and extreme manufacturing capabilities.

Immense Energy in a Compact Space: 20-foot Container with 6.25 MWh Capacity

TENER achieves an impressive 6.25 MWh capacity in the TEU container. This represents a 30% increase in energy density per unit area. Additionally, there’s a 20% reduction in the overall station footprint, enhancing energy density and efficiency through innovative design within a limited space.

CATL’s cutting-edge cell technology supports the outstanding performance of the system. TENER is equipped with long service life and zero-degradation cells tailored for energy storage applications. Moreover, it achieves an energy density of 430 Wh/L, marking an impressive milestone for LFP batteries used in energy storage.

Dedicated quality management system to ensure ultimate safety

CATL has established a dedicated, end-to-end quality management system to achieve ultimate safety in energy storage. This system includes technology development, proof testing, operation monitoring, and safety failure analysis. It sets different safety goals as required by different scenarios, and then develop the corresponding safety technology to meet those goals. CATL constructed a validation platform to simulate safety tests for energy storage systems in various power grid scenarios for effectiveness. CATL employs AI-powered risk monitoring and intelligent early warning to continuously monitor the operation status post-project implementation. Moreover, it calculates the failure rate of energy storage products throughout their life cycle. Thus, it verifies the safety design goals and continues optimizing them.

CATL has reduced the failure rate to the PPB level for cells used in TENER. This, when extended to the operation throughout its full lifecycle, can effectively lower operating costs and significantly enhance IRR (internal rate of return).

Energy storage is a pivotal element of the green energy transition. CATL has steadfastly dedicated itself to delivering world-class energy storage solutions for customers around the world. The unveiling of TENER signifies another milestone in CATL’s ongoing commitment to energy transition. Moreover, CATL will remain resolute in its pursuit of open innovation. As an industry leader in innovation and advanced technology, it will collaborate with global industry partners to forge mutual prosperity.

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