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Cavonix autonomous vehicles to use Leddar Pixell LiDAR

LeddarTech® announced that Cavonix Ltd. has selected the Leddar™ Pixell for its autonomous shuttles and off-road trucking customers.

Leddar Pixell, a 3D flash LiDAR with a 180-degree field of view specifically designed for ADAS and autonomous driving applications. The Leddar Pixell provides highly reliable detection of pedestrians, cyclists, and other obstacles within the vehicle’s vicinity and is right to be used in perception platforms that are meant to ensure the safety and protection of vulnerable road users (VRU).

“Cavonix chose LeddarTech’s technology because of its ability to deliver enhanced safety for our customers. The robustness and reliability of LeddarTech’s solid-state technology meets today’s demanding mobility conditions and makes it the technology of choice toward preventing collisions in stop-and-go applications by eliminating dead zones left by other sensing technologies. At Cavonix, we are committed to providing robust solutions for real-world applications – science without the fiction.”

Steven Lake, Founder and CEO, Cavonix.

Key Features

  • Optimized for ADAS/AD detection cocoon
  • 3D flash illumination providing 100% scene coverage
  • Detection range of up to 56 meters
  • 100% Solid-State, IP67 enclosure
  • 180-degree proximity coverage
  • Wide operating temperature range

The robust, solid-state Pixell compensates for the limitations of mechanical scanning LiDARs used for geo-positioning which generate blind areas that can reach several meters. The Pixell enables a comprehensive detection cocoon that surrounds the vehicle to provide complete blind spot coverage without dead zone in the illuminated field of view.

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