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Connected Truck & Connected Depot 1.0 apps

Implico released its Connected Truck and Connected Depot 1.0. apps. This app is build on SAP Cloud Platform under “Co-Innovated with SAP” program.

The apps “Connected Truck” and “Connected Depot” are part of the “Supply Chain United” (SCU), an across-the-board architecture of easy-to-use web services for all supply chain processes with multiple participants.

The cloud-based microservices offer tank terminal operators and their business partners benefits, such as efficient, secure, and transparent truck handling from the entrance to exit.

Linking truck drivers with dispatching and transport planning systems

The app “Connected Truck” directly links the truck driver with the dispatching and transport planning system. This enhances the trip planning and reconciliation for bulk deliveries significantly and raises a wealth of new possibilities. The result: The fetch and deliver process can become more efficient, transparent and safe for all parties involved.

Speeding up truck handling via the new “Online Check-in”

Connected Depot app addresses issues namely queuing at the gate and traffic on site. Via the cloud-based functionality “Online Check-in”, it streamlines product loading in oil, gas and chemical terminals. The key to success: “Connected Depot” links all partakers in the operation in real time. The app keeps them in the loop regarding the latest developments. It lets them carry out key work steps before the truck has even arrived at the gate. This supports a seamless process from planning to execution – even in cases that involve several terminals and customers.

Taking an important step towards a fully digitalized downstream supply chain

Tim Hoffmeister, CEO of Implico Group, said- “With these apps, we are taking an important step towards our vision of a fully digitalized, intelligent downstream supply chain. The increase in process optimization for tank farms and carriers is immense. We are looking forward to offering our new ‘Supply Chain United’ technologies in the industry soon. Here, the label ‘Co-Innovated with SAP’ will help us a lot.

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