Enook Motors unveils Intercity electric scooters

August 11, 2023. Enook Motors Private Limited, has launched the all-new range of Electric Scooters, which is designed for urban commuting. The scooters are launched in Hyderabad and will be available all across the country through its dealers. The price of the scooter starts from Rs 89,000 and goes up to Rs 99,000. Variants that the company offers are – Enook EV Pro, Enook EV Magna, Enook EV Smart and Enook EV Verve.

The Enook EV Scooters come with a powerful motor of 1000 Watt BLDK. It can be fully charged in 3 to 4 hours, and can run up to 90 kms.

Key features of our Electric Scooters include:

  • Eco-Friendly: Powered by lithium-Phosphate batteries.
  • Commuter-Focused Design: The scooters boast a sleek design and are light weight.
  • Smart Connectivity: The scooter are fitted with GPS tracking and provide real-time ride information.
  • Safety First: The Electric Scooters feature advanced braking systems, front and rear LED lights to enhance visibility.

“Our mission is to provide innovative, sustainable, and affordable mobility solutions for urban dwellers,” said Hitesh Patel, Managing Director, Enook. “With the launch of first Enook showroom in Hyderabad, we take a giant leap forward in creating cleaner and more efficient cities, promoting a greener way of life.”

C S Jadhav, CEO, Enook added that “we would expand our network through Franchise across the country in the next couple of years. We would offer a competitive price and unparalleled performance to our customers.”

Dr. Venkatesan, CTO, Enook said that “Enook with our innovative technology is all set to transform the way people commute, both environmentally and economically.

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