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Humax to supply car sharing service platform to iDRIVE in the Middle East

Humax has unveiled a new agreement with iDRIVE – Saudi Arabia’s first car-sharing organization – for the supply of its RAiDEA total mobility service platform.

RAiDEA (powered by Humax affiliated company, Alticast) is an all-in-one mobility service platform that provides an array of services such as B2C, B2B and P2P. This technology is suitable for round trip, one way and free-floating infrastructures, and is designed for vehicles including cars, motorcycles, bikes and electric scooters.

iDRIVE is the first car sharing service company in Saudi Arabia and has been operating consumer car sharing services since 2018. Through this contract, its existing mobility service platform has been completely replaced with RAiDEA to deliver a more advanced B2C solution. In the future, iDRIVE plans to introduce a new B2B car sharing service.

Mi-sung Cho, CTO at Alticast, said: “This agreement with iDRIVE recognises RAiDEA’s reliability and competitiveness as an integrated platform for a range of mobility services. We expect to see further organizations convert from competing mobility service platforms to our proven RAiDEA technology. Existing car sharing operators such as iDRIVE benefit from cost savings by incorporating our system to implement advanced services. We are also able to provide flexible and customized solutions, which are an ideal choice for new Mobility as a Service (MaaS) businesses.”

Jeff Kim, EVP of Worldwide Sales at Humax, commented: “Humax is supplying its mobility service platform to a range of service providers including Carplat, a Korean corporate car sharing operator, and is strengthening the competitiveness of RAiDEA products by expanding into global mobility services, based on its proven industry knowledge. RAiDEA is growing into a mobility service platform that delivers an outstanding experience for both service providers and customers, and is extending its potential through the connection of additional services that utilize parking lots as mobility hubs, for example. As a result, it is expected that our global business expansion will begin in earnest for major Car Sharing Operators (CSO) in Southeast Asia and Europe.”

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