Autonomous Vehicle

NIO teams up with Nvidia, Qualcomm for self-driving car

The EV maker will leverage partner technologies to produce smarter automated driving designs

NIO has partnered with Nvidia and Qualcomm in the development of the next generation of automated vehicles. Nio said that Nvidia’s Drive Orin system-on-a-chip (SoC) are going to be harnessed to power the next rollout of smart EVs.

NIO says that four of the Orin SoCs will feature in the ET7, the saloon vehicle in the company’s lineup. According to the company, the ET7 is capable of going from zero to 100km in 3.9 seconds and will feature a 150kw battery for extended range. The ET7 will not only rely on Nvidia’s computing power, however. Qualcomm, too, will have a part to play in the performance and capabilities of the new EV, by providing the Qualcomm Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit and 5G platforms. 

With a focus on next-generation mobile connectivity, these solutions will provide enhanced display capabilities for drivers and advanced telemetry for the vendor. 

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