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Queclink unveils LTE Cat 1 vehicle tracker product line

Queclink Wireless Solutions, a global manufacturer of Internet of Things (IoT) hardware, announced the launch of its LTE Cat 1 vehicle tracker product line, helping fleet businesses build future-proof tracking solutions in readiness for 2G&3G sunsets.

Queclink unveiled LTE Cat 1 product portfolio including the basic GV58CEU, advanced GV305CEU, pro-advanced GV350CEU and the upcoming flagship GV355CEU, designed for the management of vehicles of all types.

“The launch of the Cat 1 vehicle tracker portfolio is an example of our intense focus on the EMEA market,” says Alejandro Patino, Vice President of Global Sales at Queclink. “Among the 16 million telematics devices Queclink delivered worldwide, 1/3 of them have been shipped to Europe. I am confident that the new product line will continue the success as it is empowered by a dedicated R&D center for this strategic Region.”

LTE Cat 1 Vehicle Tracker Product Line

All four products are BLE and 1-wire supported allowing connectivity to diverse wireless accessories. Product applications range from general fleet tracking, car rental and leasing, stolen vehicle recovery, cold-chain logistics and more.

  • The GV58CEU, Mini Cost-effective Vehicle Tracker, can be easily hidden in a vehicle. Multiple Inputs/Outputs bring real visibility into ignition status, fuel level and more. It can also pair with Queclink asset tracker as SVR combo solution, eff¬≠ectively preventing vehicle thefts.
  • The GV305CEU, Versatile LTE Vehicle Tracker with BLE and Multiple Interfaces. RS232 or RS485 serial ports provide additional functions such as fuel level monitoring and driver identification. Multiple interfaces enable remote control and monitoring based on actionable data.
  • The GV350CEU, Powerful and Versatile LTE Vehicle Tracker with CAN bus Support. The built-in CAN bus interpreter reads data from full types of CAN bus equipped vehicles including heavy trucks, light commercial vehicles and passenger cars. RS232 serial port and 1-wire interface allow for fuel level monitoring and driver identification.
  • The GV355CEU, Full-Purpose LTE Cat 1 Telematics Terminal with CAN and Tachograph Data Reading, is dedicated to advanced fleet applications. It’s equipped with a powerful vehicle data interpreter, which can be connected to almost all tachograph models (including D8 and CAN-interface Tachograph) to remotely download the tacho data and file. It supports all kinds of CAN bus equipped vehicle data reading.

LTE Cat 1 communication with 2G fallback ensures a solid connection in almost all cases, providing greater efficiency for IoT devices applied in fleet management, usage-based insurance, healthcare and more. It is available worldwide and allows for seamless global roaming.

“For the recently released GV58CEU, GV305CEU and GV350CEU, as well as the CV100LG Telematics Dual-Lens LTE Dash Camera, we already see telematics service providers in the UK, France, The Netherlands and Turkey placed considerable orders over the past few months, thanks to their faith in Queclink and the new products,” says Alejandro Patino. “For telematics service providers in need of even advanced functionality such as CAN bus and tachograph data reading, please stay tuned for the upcoming GV355CEU.”

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