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Smart technology will help stop spreading Corona Virus

With businesses across the world slowly starting to pace-up back to normalcy, a lot is uncertain and confusing. Pandemic has given us a great set back, but people and the economy have to be back with their work and services for survival. But are we ready to live and work with a pandemic? We say these tough times demand a cutting-edge and scalable technology
solution. A lot can be dealt with, organized, and followed by the means of technology. How? Hers what we are talking about.

Tushar Bhagat
Director, Uffizio India Software Pvt Ltd
Personal tracker and proximity solution

As an employer, let say, you run an enterprise of 100+ employees. To get back into operation, you will be required to abide by all possible safety measures. Now, you can’t be everywhere keeping an eye on your associates whether they are following the precautionary measures strictly? Well, the good news is managing the health, safety and availability of your entire employees is now possible.

Few hardware companies and software companies have designed a personal tracker and software that wears the hat of multiple functions. You can use this personal tracker as your employees’ badge and effortlessly access the data in the software regarding employee security. Let’s get more into its details now.

How does this personal tracker work?

This is a revolutionary and scalable solution that tracks and records all the activities of your employee. An employee will be given the tracker to wear it around their neck as a badge that holds their ID card. This will be given to the employees at the start of their day at the office. They would press the log in button that would state their attendance. It can be also used to access the office rooms and halls.

The proximity meter of the tracker will constantly align with the other trackers checking and maintaining the safe distance from each other. In case of any violation in the social distancing, an alarm system will be alerted until the employees go back to a safe distance from each other. All the required information such as temperature test status, any dangerous contacts made, daily in and out time, etc can be easily taken from the tracker. With geofencing, five configurable buttons, no-movement alert, man-down alert, and two-way communication, this tracker will ensure complete safety of your employees. Above all, this device is extremely easy to charge, maintain, and sanitize.

The economy can still boost and operate, only if it ensures proper implementation of all the precautionary measures. We are glad to collaborate with Teltonika for being able to develop this revolutionary solution that will safeguard a healthy and safe working environment.

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