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South Korea: KT to use 5G self-driving freight carts

KT Corp., South Korea’s telecom company, announced that it is using 5G self-driving carts at its logistics center, enabling nearly 50 percent reduction in employees’ travel range for loading and transporting inventory.

Two types of 5G self-driving carts, “NarGo” and “TarGo,” are being deployed. These self driving cart has been developed by Twinny Robotics Lab in South Korea.

NarGo, self driving cart

These autonomous intelligent vehicle (AIV) service is an integrated control system that processes instructions and assesses operating conditions by using pre-installed maps and real-time information.

“In preparation for the post-COVID era, technologies to minimize person-to-person contact are increasingly demanded throughout industries,” said Choi Kangrim, Head of KT’s Connected Car Biz Center. “By applying AIV service based on our advanced communication networks and platforms in a wider scope of industries and leading relevant technological advancement, we at KT will do our utmost to help our customers enjoy the benefits in their everyday lives.”

as a result of usage of these AIV, loading cellphones and other items for transport requires 47 percent less travel range by employees at KT’s Seobu Distribution Center.

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