TVS & BMW Motorrad: 10 years of global partnership

Bangalore, Karnataka, India. — TVS Motor Company and BMW Motorrad celebrate 10 glorious years of their long and strategic partnership. Spanning over product development, design, technology, knowledge sharing, and developing common platforms for both their global customers, the strategic partnership between the two companies have achieved a series of milestones globally.

TVS Motor Company and BMW Motorrad signed a long-term strategic partnership in April 2013. That is to manufacture sub-500cc motorcycles for global markets. This collaboration has resulted in the development of four products on the 310cc platform: BMW G 310 R, BMW 310 GS, BMW G310 RR and TVS Motor Company’s flagship motorcycle, TVS Apache RR 310. The motorcycles, part of this partnership, gained wide acceptance with 140,000+ customers across leading markets—EU, USA, Latin America, Japan, China, India.

In December 2021, the success of this cooperation paved the way for the two companies to extend and expand their partnership. In line with this, TVS Motor and BMW Motorrad are jointly developing new platforms and future technologies, including electric vehicles. Furthermore, within a wider partnership, TVS Motor Company will design upcoming BMW Motorrad products, thereby deepening their involvement in development. Furthermore, they are also responsible for delivering world-class quality, effective supply chain management, and efficient industrialization.

Speaking on this milestone achievement, Mr. KN Radhakrishnan, Director & CEO, TVS Motor Company said. “We are delighted to be celebrating this historic milestone in our partnership journey with BMW Motorrad. Moreover, TVS Motor’s decade long relationship with BMW Motorrad is a testament of our common values on innovation, quality, customer delight, engineering prowess, and focus on delivering globally aspirational products.”

“We have together achieved pinnacles of success with the genesis of iconic brands including TVS Apache RR 310, BMW G310 RR, BMW G 310 R, BMW 310 GS that are today available across 100+ markets. And now with the extension and expansion of this partnership towards future technologies and sustainable mobility solutions, we are also in discussions to expand our manufacturing network beyond India to cater to our future growth under this partnership. This expansion includes the recently unveiled BMW CE 02. Anticipating collaboration on innovative platforms for worldwide urban markets and the trendy new generation of consumers,” Radhakrishnan added.

Dr Markus Schramm, Head of BMW Motorrad, said. “The 10th anniversary showcases the triumphant partnership between BMW Motorrad and TVS Motor Company, highlighting their impressive success. What began 10 years ago has developed into an extraordinary success story. Our strong synergies have led to the development of impressive offerings in the Sub-500cc segment. Since their launch, BMW G 310 R and BMW G 310 GS single-cylinder models have gained unmatched popularity. This success has bolstered BMW Motorrad’s global triumph. Moreover, the extension and expansion of this partnership towards future technologies and sustainable mobility solutions. It includes the unique and fully electric masterpiece BMW CE 02, is therefore a consistent step. This step aims to shape the future together with TVS Motor Company.”

TVS Motor’s Hosur manufacturing plant produces around 10% of BMW Motorrad’s volumes, globally. The BMW Motorrad models BMW G 310 R, BMW 310 GS, and BMW G310 RR are available in 100+ countries.

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