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Accolade to use Sibros’ connected vehicle solution

Connected vehicle technology company Sibros announced a strategic partnership with Accolade Electronics. Under this partnership Sibros’ connected vehicle solutions will be integrated with Accolade’s embedded hardware systems. This integration is facilitated via real-time operating system, FreeRTOS. This partnership aims to optimize power efficiency by integrating FreeRTOS. It also aims to reduce hardware costs and speed up the deployment processes. Ultimately, these efforts will benefit Sibros’ & Accolade’s diverse clientele.

The automotive landscape continues to shift towards electrification, connectivity, and automation, with electronic vehicle architecture evolving at a fast pace. This collaboration aptly times to cater to these dynamic shifts in the industry. It also opens up new opportunities for innovation. Accolade has currently integrated its proven hardware into a diverse array of vehicle models. Moreover, this integration allows Sibros to easily integrate their comprehensive solutions into a wide array of automotive OEM products, the company shared.

“Together with Accolade, we can deliver an economical solution. This will enable automakers to bring innovative and secure connected vehicles to market quickly and efficiently,” said Mayank Sikaria, president and co-founder of Sibros. “As the automotive industry continues to evolve into a connected and data-driven era, Sibros remains at the forefront. Furthermore, the company commits to powering the connected and software-defined vehicle ecosystem.”

Sibros’ solutions are hardware agnostic for rapid integration with vehicles of varying makes, models, and architectures, including EVs, ICE vehicles, hybrids, two-wheelers, passenger vehicles, tractors, trucks, and more. Moreover, by implementing the Sibros solution on Accolade’s robust hardware units, the partnership becomes a cost-effective endeavor. This enhances the overall efficiency and capabilities of connected vehicles.

“Sibros aligns with Accolade’s mission to ensure our customers can trust our dedication. We commit to delivering solutions that are secure, efficient, robust, and competitive. Additionally, we aim to contribute to the transformation of transportation,” said Deepak Jagadale, CEO and Co-founder of Accolade Electronics.

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