Accurate and repeatable ADAS testing anywhere

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are designed to improve road safety; minimising the risk of human error and reducing the number of collisions.

Testing and validating Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) requires highly accurate measurements of position, speed and attitude from multiple vehicles, with more stringent testing requirements needed than ever before. The VBOX ADAS testing system from Racelogic can save valuable development time and simplify the process of testing and validating ADAS sensors in real-world environments, even in tunnels and indoor test facilities.

The VBOX 3i with RTK is an industry-leading GNSS data logger and is ideal for ADAS testing. With real-time measurements of parameters from multiple vehicles, to within 2 cm positional accuracy, using a VBOX enables vehicle manufacturers to easily verify the effectiveness of their systems. By measuring and recording positional and time-to-collision data from up to 3 moving targets and a lane simultaneously, it is easy for engineers to test in accordance with the latest regulations from around the world. 

As well as industry leading hardware, the free data analysis software from Racelogic, VBOX Test Suite, processes the data recorded by a VBOX and presents it back using visual aids such as charts, graphs and tables that can be exported and shared in simple to understand reports. Thanks to a variety of application specific plugins and pre-loaded test scenarios, it is quick and easy to conduct a wide range of ADAS tests using VBOX Test Suite. The software can be used both online and offline, clearly showing if pass or fail conditions have been met, live from the test vehicle using a Windows laptop or tablet.

For some tests which need the vehicle to take a repeatable and highly accurate driving line – such as Autonomous Emergency Braking or Lane Change testing – it is possible to use the VBOX system with popular steering robots from leading manufacturers, for consistent and accurate path following.

VBOX systems provide a simple and accurate way of testing and validating Autonomous and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems at test tracks, on public roads and indoor test facilities. The applications that you can easily test using a VBOX include Lane Departure Warning, Park Assist, Blind Spot Detection, Collision Mitigation, Autonomous Emergency Braking and Adaptive Cruise Control. Using a Video VBOX also provides synchronised HD footage with the data, which can be graphically overlaid on the video in real time and the VBOX Indoor Positioning System extends testing capabilities to any environment where you cannot get GNSS signal.

For anyone that is looking to test and validate ADAS sensors, VBOX systems provide a complete solution and come with comprehensive user manuals that are available online, helping you get started and set up your equipment. Combined with industry leading 2cm accuracy, this makes the VBOX ADAS testing system ideal for all engineers and automotive manufacturers.


Ashish Samant is a seasoned Automotive Professional with 20+ years of Experience in Automotive Testing. He has been involved in many Testing Projects like, Benchmark Testing, Vehicle Dynamics Testing, Tyre Testing and ADAS Testing.

Currently we are Sole Distributors for few European Companies and sell Automotive Testing Equipments. We cater to the entire Automotive Industry like, 2/3 Wheeler, Car, Truck, Bus, Special Vehicles  Manufacturers, Tyre Manufacturers, Certifying Authorities, and entire Auto Magazines. 

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