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Otonomo debuts key new fleet functionality in Smart Mobility Data Platform

Otonomo Technologies Ltd. introduced fleet Maintenance and Mileage dashboards in the Otonomo Smart Mobility Data Platform. These are the first of several new dashboards to be introduced and provide customers with a breadth of insights that offer fleet managers a snapshot view of all relevant connected vehicle data to easily and efficiently manage fleets of all sizes. Users can set up push notifications for maintenance issues such as low battery charge for electric vehicles, low fuel levels, and for immediate issues, such as when warning lights are triggered.

In the Mileage dashboard, fleet managers can track service milestones and overall mileage, as well as distances traveled by vehicle or by fleet to track trends and spot usage anomalies. The insights presented in the Mileage dashboard are applicable for a number of industry use cases, such as supporting last mile delivery drivers, mileage reimbursement for employees, customer billing, dispatching vehicles for service jobs, and fleet rotation.

The Maintenance dashboard provides near-real-time updates on key vehicle metrics such as electric vehicle charge levels, fuel, and oil levels, brake wear, tire pressure, engine temperature, and more to ensure the highest levels of safety for drivers and vehicles. Fleet managers can receive proactive alerts when routine maintenance is due or when a high-risk event is detected in a vehicle, such as a temperature spike or a flat tire.

The Otonomo Smart Mobility Data Platform is a cloud native, software defined telematics platform that requires no hardware and no costly installation or maintenance fees. It is adaptable to all size fleets and is used by a wide range of fleet management operators, including those in car leasing, rental, and subscription companies. Via open APIs, the Otonomo Smart Mobility Data Platform works to provide insights for all connected vehicles in a fleet. Leveraging the insights provided by Otonomo, companies can make data-informed decisions to drive business growth, save money, and inform the overall direction of the business.

The company also announced how Electric Zoo, a pay-as-you-go electric car subscription service, is using Otonomo’s GDPR-compliant Smart Mobility Data Platform to easily manage and track its fleet of electric vehicles. Otonomo’s Maintenance and Mileage dashboards provide Electric Zoo with a breadth of insights and data visualization capabilities to improve operations and explore new business opportunities.

“Our fleet customers, like Electric Zoo, now have the power in their hands to manage their fleets easily, regardless of size and without any hardware requirements, which is a distinct benefit,” said Ben Volkow, CEO and co-founder of Otonomo.

The Mileage and Maintenance dashboards can be accessed as part of the Otonomo Smart Mobility Platform at no additional cost.

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